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Requirements for Large-Scale Universal Quantum Computation

Course 2 of 2 in the Quantum Computing Realities online program

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  • START DATE November 4, 2024 More Dates
  • TIME COMMITMENT 3-5 hours per week
  • DURATION 4 weeks
  • FORMAT Online
  • PRICE $1,529


Explore the concepts of quantum error correction, the threshold for practical, fault-tolerant quantum computation, and models of quantum computation beyond quantum circuits and use the IBM Q Experience in an assessment exercise. View the week by week schedule here.

  • Describe the conceptual role of fault-tolerance in realizing large-scale quantum and classical computation.
  • Gain knowledge of one quantum error correction code, and its code parameters.
  • Familiarize yourself with the scientific basis for families of quantum error correction codes.
  • Understand the different strategies for counteracting systematic versus random error in quantum computation.

Who Should Enroll

  • Technical professionals, scientists, and researchers.

  • Professionals and leaders in business, government, and technology that need to get a better understanding of the practical realities of quantum computing.

  • Any interested participant with basic knowledge of vector and matrix multiplication as linear algebra is at the core of quantum computing algorithms.

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How you will learn

  • Learning technique


    Practice processes and methods through simulations, assessments, case studies and tools, including the IBM Q experience.

  • Learning technique


    Connect with an international community of professionals while working on projects based in real-world examples.

  • Learning technique


    Access all of the content online and watch videos on the go.

  • Learning technique


    Bring your new skills to your organization, through examples from technical work environments and ample prompts for reflection.

  • Learning technique


    Earn a Professional Certificate and 2.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from MIT.

  • Learning technique


    Gain insights from MIT faculty and industry experts.

What learners are saying

Hear what other professionals have to say about this program.

Pravin Kumarappan

Pravin Kumarappan, Platform Architect, Worldpay

I had high expectations and they were adequately met! The content was just what I'd hoped.

Charles Middleton

Charles Middleton, Principal Investigator, Harris Corporation

Great starting point for gaining deeper knowledge in more focused areas of quantum information science.

Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson, Mechanical Engineer, MIT Lincoln Labs

hese courses help me gain perspective and will allow me to be more conversational with my quantum peers.

Rajendra Polavarapu

Rajendra Polavarapu, Senior Consultant, Cognizant Tech Solutions US Corp

[I liked] learning how quantum computing can impact people and organizations behaviors toward computation and simulation of problems.

Donna Yost

Donna Yost, Engineer, MIT Lincoln Labs

[The course had] significant impact on my understanding of quantum integration challenges and opportunities.

MIT Faculty & Industry Experts

Meet your instructors

Isaac Chuang

Isaac Chuang

Professor of Physics, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Senior Associate Dean of Digital Learning at MIT

William Oliver

William Oliver

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Professor of Physics, Laboratory Fellow, Lincoln Laboratory, Associate Director, Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT

Peter Shor

Peter Shor

Morss Professor of Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Committee Chair, Quantum Computation, Quantum Information at MIT

Aram Harrow

Aram Harrow

Associate Professor of Physics at MIT


To earn a Professional Certificate and CEUs, you must complete the two courses in the program. For those who do not want to commit to the full program, courses can be taken on an individual basis for a certificate of completion and CEUs. Savings apply when enrolling into the full program.

Practical Realities of Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication Practical Realities of Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication

Course 1 of 2 in the Quantum Computing Realities online program.

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Requirements for Large-Scale Universal Quantum Computation Requirements for Large-Scale Universal Quantum Computation

Course 2 of 2 in the Quantum Computing Realities online program

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