Digital Transformation: Innovation Opportunities and Leadership

Digital transformation is happening everywhere but can be challenging to implement. This 8-week online course will help you and your teams prepare for it. You will learn the capabilities needed to thrive in today’s fast-moving competitive market.

  • START DATE April 30, 2024
  • TIME COMMITMENT 6-8 hours per week
  • DURATION 8 weeks
  • FORMAT Online
  • PRICE $1,600


Course Delivered in Collaboration with Global Alumni. Click "Learn More" to download the brochure and apply to the program via Global Alumni.

This course is also offered in SPANISH (Transformación Digital: Liderazgo y Estrategias) and PORTUGUESE (Transformacão Digital: Gestão e Estratégia) in collaboration with Global Alumni.

  • Understand digital ready cultures and support top tier management teams in spearheading change
  • Describe the significance, pace, drivers, and organization implications of digital transformation
  • Understand the important role of leadership capabilities and their place in implementing digital transformation
  • Identify digital transformation opportunities to improve customer experience, employee experience, business models, and operations
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to raise questions about common assumptions and avoid or overcome obstacles in achieving digital transformation
  • Create a transformational strategy and action plan that will drive change in your role and organization

Who Should Enroll

  • Middle managers and aspiring middle managers who want to start to influence digital transformation readiness within organizations

  • Professionals with significant management responsibilities, such as executives or leaders in corporate functions, from across departments and industries 

  • Individuals planning to change jobs from more traditional business companies to digitally driven business models

  • Entrepreneurs, consultants, and professionals from various areas interested in the subject and keen to learn about digital transformation 

  • Individuals who want to be more ready for today’s fast moving digitally powered business