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Understanding Organizational Strategy and Capabilities

A four-week online course for technical professionals that will empower you with the essential skills needed to solve problems, innovate, and drive change.

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  • START DATE February 13, 2023 More Dates
  • TIME COMMITMENT 5 Hours per Week
  • DURATION 4 Weeks
  • FORMAT Online
  • PRICE $949


Successful leaders are able to influence their team to accomplish shared objectives. This course will introduce you to MIT’s-honed concept of “Dynamic Work Design” which allows teams to successfully drive the mission of an organization forward.

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MIT xPRO is collaborating with Global Alumni to deliver this online course in Spanish. Enrollment is managed through our collaborator, Global Alumni:
Enroll in this course in SPANISH (Estrategia de Management: Resolución de Problemas Críticos)

  • Understand the relevance of organizational strategy and practice how to align your team, products, and efforts with it.
  • Prioritize products that create value for the end user.
  • Decompose your product systems into individual tasks, relationships, and entities to organize and conceptualize your work.
  • Develop new processes by utilizing the Four Principles of Dynamic Work Design.
  • Identify the notion of capability and its impact with implementing change.
  • Design knowledge work effectively by utilizing visual management.


  • Busy, ambitious technical professionals looking to advance their soft skills and add more value to their teams and organizations.

  • Individual contributors who want to perform at their highest potential.

  • Early to mid-career managers intent on architecting successful, collaborative, and happy teams.




Professionals from companies like Boeing, Boston Scientific, and the U.S. Air Force have completed this course.

Christopher N. K. Gee

Christopher N. K. Gee, Structures Group Lead, Aurora Flight Sciences

This couldn't have come at a better time... I can see some real opportunity to change things for the better… It was very relevant to the knowledge an…

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Emily R. Wright

Emily R. Wright, Versatile Technologist, Boeing

This is an awesome [course] for emerging leaders and for those currently in leadership positions. The knowledge, tools, and techniques are very usefu…

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Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins, Principal Data Scientist, Maxar Technologies

As I grow in my career and take on more leadership roles, I have found that there is a lot I don't know about how to run teams effectively. This has …

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Rafayel Ghasabyan

Rafayel Ghasabyan, CEO, RAFA Solutions

I can see a huge value in the [course], as to how it is organized and how it delivers the messages. I am going to share my knowledge with my team and…

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Kianna Elahi-Gedwillo

Kianna Elahi-Gedwillo, Senior Engineer, Boston Scientific

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I am looking forward to implementing these ideas into my future work and expect it to contribute to a …

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Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal Kumar, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

All the reflections were great exercises to begin. I am going to apply this first in my org and then with my peers organization. Further, we will use…

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Madhanmohan Savadamuthu

Madhanmohan Savadamuthu, Lead Engineer, Boeing

I was always thinking politics comes from a negative attitude. But the view presented in the course about politics was excellent and it really helps …

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Edward F. Crawley

Edward F. Crawley

Ford Professor of Engineering, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT

Nelson Repenning

Nelson Repenning

Professor of System Dynamics, Sloan School of Management, MIT


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