Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Delivered in collaboration with Emeritus.

  • TIME COMMITMENT 5-6 hours/week
  • DURATION 8 weeks
  • FORMAT Online
  • PRICE $2,600


MIT xPRO is collaborating with online education provider Emeritus to deliver this online course. By clicking LEARN MORE, you will be taken to a page where you can download the brochure and apply to the program via Emeritus.

  • You will acquire the essential vocabulary and knowledge of XR concepts to communicate meaningfully with different stakeholders.
  • You will expand your knowledge of XR system elements in addition to design principles, approaches, and processes. Crucially, you will also learn to consider users’ needs and values in XR design.
  • You will apply XR concepts and design principles to create high-fidelity XR prototypes.
  • In the process, you will gain some introductory hands-on experience with XR system development and better understand how to conceive XR system development ideas and communicate with developers.
  • You will learn how to ensure that your technologies are inclusive and promote the social good.
  • Finally, you will explore the broader implications of XR technologies, including the new opportunities they provide, enabling you to make recommendations to clients and other key audiences.